For The Love of New Orleans

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans and miss it each day and night.

– Louis Armstrong

You really think we would miss the chance to post about our other favorite city? Of course not! Yes we know, New Orleans makes you think of French Quarter, Bourbon St., Cafe Du Monde and all the other tourist attractions. We’ve all seen these places, made memories we still laugh about, maybe some regrettable decisions and we know every photographer posts about New Orleans. Well, we are here to tell you, we are about to do the same thing because we only made it to The Quarter. Sorry guys, but give us a chance and read it out. We are going to try to give you a different experience. Because we not only love the quarter, but the city itself, the atmosphere and for us, the history of it all.

Let’s start off with when we got there. We parked on N. Rampart and were greeted by a two men, a woman and a dog named Coco who does tricks. Let me backup a second and give a precursor to any of the events that transpired this day. We both have camera bags on our backs and look like straight up tourists. Ok, back to the first set of people, so naturally they stop us and we ended up having a long chat with them and were shown what Coco can do. Look for the Part 2 blog on New Orleans for the full details. This group was pretty cool and so sweet.

We start venturing into the quarter and of course stop to take pictures of the security system on most walls and crevices in Nola, the spikes. We are also stopping for textured buildings and just really cool lighting and shot opportunities. Then we see it, the blue shutters, caged window and the cockatoo. This bird has been doing tricks and putting on a show with his owners for many years! I guess we caught him before he was ready to go.

We eventually make our way to Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo. Yep, needed to stop because I initially wanted a voodoo doll for my floating shelf. I ended up getting a Lord da Morta statue instead. Figured my husband would like him a little better and he still wards off and protects from evil and mischievous spirits ( he looks pretty happy in his spot too). Yes, that is one of our prints, which was also taken in New Orleans a couple years ago (don’t judge the fact I have pretty much dead sunflowers right there. Although it seems ironically fitting). We have this print available for sale as well.

We eventually made our way to Jackson Square and Royal Street. Again, definitely check part 2 because we met some pretty awesome people that we will talk about in Jackson Square. So Royal Street is definitely one of our favorite streets. The galleries, boutiques, hotels and atmosphere. Shout out to Frank Relle and his gallery. Honestly, that was the first time we saw his photography and just one word, WOW! We hope we can one day meet and pick his brain about his work, it’s just gorgeous! After leaving his gallery, we strolled into Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar, had a drink and came up with the rest of the day game plan.

As we made our way down Bourbon, we stopped to listen to the drummer kids and for a unique shot opportunity of Tropical Isle. First time I think we have ever seen it without people falling out of it. We eventually ended up by Rouse’s where we were stopped in our tracks. There was a woman, singing some blues with that hint of jazz and full of soul. So much so, you could feel it in your bones and it could send shivers through your body. It’s the sound you think of when you think of old New Orleans. Then she did something. She brought out her clarinet and played with her soul. So please, if you are down in the quarter, find her and just listen, you won’t be disappointed.

We eventually made our way back to the car to leave and just in time. It started pouring down and we just barely missed it. New Orleans has been photographed several times over for years. But each photographer puts their spin and their view on this amazing city and the amazing hub of the French Quarter. We hope you guys enjoyed our spin on it. Don’t forget to check our website for more photographs and all pictures in this blog are available for print upon request. Thanks for reading guys and give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram. Enter your email to stay updated on our blog posts and pictures, as well as all updates.

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